The university has already been very active in exhibitions and festivals. The following cases can be referred to as the University accomplishments in the recent 6 months:


1)     The selection of the University as the best Islamic Azad University based on the OIC Ranking.

2)     Conferring of the genius medal upon the dean of the university in the World ARCA Competition in Croatia.

3)     Achieving the highest rank in the festivals of innovation and efflorescence in Isfahan province in 1387 (2008).

4)     Participation in the festival of 30-year-achievement of the Islamic revolution on be half of the Locale the Fourth (one of the Islamic Azad University Locales).

5)     Achievement of a degree by the Development and Incubator Centre in the innovation and efflorescence festival in the country.

6)     Participation of the robotic team in the Kharazmi Younth Festival and winning a reward.

7)     Participation in the First International Horticulture Festival in Tehran in Farvardin (April) 1388 (2009).

8)     Participation in Isfahan universities, festivals of business and winning the third place.

9)     Participation in Sheikh bahai festival and active attendance of development incubator centre research teams.

10)Winning the first place in Robo-Cup Competition in China and winning the first place in Iran Competition 2008.

11)University team participation in Iran Open Robo-Cup Competitions in 2009 and winning the fourth place in in two Robo-Cup competition leagues.

12)University Robo-Cup team participation in international competitions in Austria, in July 2009.

13)Winning the special reward and medal for the best invention in Poland (IWIS 2008).

14)Homage paying to the university designated students in the Best Islamic Azad University Festival.

15)Participation in Aliakbar Excellency Festival and the university's, student selection as the most competent young inventor of the country in 1388.

16)Holding the First Innovation and Efflorescence Festival in the university and giving homage to 14 faculty members, 12 students, 2 Development and Incubator Centre members, and 2 scientific associations in Azar 1388.

17)Winning the gold medal of the world competition (ARCA) in Croatia.

18)Conferring the first seat of theory making in linguistics and the first chair of theory making in Azad Islamic university upon the faculty member of the university.

19)Selection of the perspicacious and the best research deputy from the university in the locales in successive years.
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