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Islamic Azad University, Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch, is dedicated to the removal of barriers that restrict access to and success in university-level study and to increasing equality of educational opportunity for learners worldwide. We will help you to understand our mission, how we go about accomplishing it and how, in the process of doing so, we help thousands of learners every year to accomplish their personal goals and realize their dreams. We open doors and minds to make sure you are ready for your new career. Please take a few minutes to get to know us better. Learn more...


A Comprehensive University
The university located in the eastern zone of Isfahan, the cultural, and civilizational capital of Iran, serving about 31500 local and international students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, 445 full time and 800 part time faculty members continues its educational and research activities in 216 fields.
Over three decades of activity, the university has achieved remarkable accomplishments in the area of research, education, culture, and sport activities and has a selective admission policy and international applicants are eligible to apply for enrollment.
It is truly engaged in helping students succeed in their professional paths. Make the most of your campus life. A full array of supportive campus services makes it easier for you to meet your goals.
Your job is to have a dream.
Our job is to help you achieve it.

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Research Centers
Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch with more than 80 laboratorial and workroom sectors provides an excellent educational and research atmosphere for faculty members, students and other researchers in the region. Some of the sectors are solely dedicated to research activities and with regard to the newly purchased laboratorial facilities and equipment, these sectors are ready to service all the researchers.
University Faculties

Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch conducts teaching and learning within eight faculties each of which comprises a number of Departments with powerful reputations for teaching and research success. The faculties are well-equipped with research facilities, laboratories, academic libraries, skills development and practical learning opportunities.

Khorasgan University Faculties


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Our focus is on making sure our students have the chance to reach their goals and become leaders in their professions. And, we do it in a way that empowers our students to overcome obstacles and earn an education that fits their lives.


The City Of Four Seasons
Amongst Iranian cities Isfahan is a unique jewel that still has a noble and fascinating shining after many historical fluctuations and the passage of several centuries. It is so fresh as if it has come to life on this very day; and yet it is so original and deep rooted as if it has always been there.Isfahan's rich culture and beautiful nature are in such a wonderful harmony that they seem to be each other's reflection.Isfahan may be a complete manifestation of the Iranian-Islamic civilization, culture and arts that are as old as Iran herself.


Isfahan The city of four seasons

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