Khorasgan Town
Khorasgan Town

Khorasgan Town lies east of Isfahan on either side of Jey Highway connecting the city of Isfahan to southern and eastern provinces. It is located in Jey historical area, the town ''Salman Farsi'' , the fertile Zayandehrood Plain. Khorasgan stands at 15 degrees and 44 minutes east longitude of Greenwich meridian and 14 minutes of the north latitude of the Equator. It is 1548 meters above sea-level with an approximate 2.5% gradient to the north-east and a mean annual rainfall of 110 millimeters. The monograph on the geography of Khorasgan cites the area of this town and of the suburbubs,residential and agricultural, as 47 square kilometers.Viewed within the national subdivisions, Khorasgan is an affiliate of the Isfahan Province and the nucleus for the central division of this province with a population of over 70000. Up until a few decades ago Khorasgan was outside Isfahan, but now linked to Isfahan, it has expanded several Kilometers beyond Khorasgan, transforming into an area within Isfahan. The distance of Khorasgan Central Square to Ahmadabad Square is 4.5 K.M.

The book "Zikr Akhbar Isfahan" by Abu Naim Isfahani (deceased 430 A.H.) is the oldest work of reference citing two chroniclers nickname "Khorasgani" which makes reference to Khorasgan. Samani (deceased 562 A.H. = 1142 A.D.) too has referred to the nickname "Khorasgani" and to "Abu Jafar Ahmad bin Almofazzal Almo'addab Alkhorasgani Alisfahani" a chronicler of 2 A.H.(582 A.D.) in his work "Alkitab Alansab".
Yaqut Humavi quoting Sam'ani makes the same comment in Mu'jam Albuldan.

Number of Educational Centers in Khorasgan

Imam Jafar Sdiq (PBUH) Theological School
Theological School for Women:1
Boy's Elementary Schools:60
Girl's Elementary Schools:57
Rural Elementary Schools:62
Boy's High School Preps:35
Girl's High School Preps:34
Girl's High Schools:10
Boy's High Schools:10
Boy's Technical Schools:1
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