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Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology (FESP) started at Islamic Azad University, Khorasgan Branch first in 1987, by establishing an undergraduate program in Education Administration. In 1990 an MA program in General Psychology was introduced, followed by three other MA programs in Education Planning, Education Administration, and Public Management in 1992-93. Further development came in 1995 by offering two undergraduate programs in Educational Sciences (Pre-school & School major), and in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Later, in 1999, the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology accepted candidates at PhD level in Philosophy of Education. In 2002, under the approval of Iran Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the faculty was officially inaugurated. Another PhD program in Education Administration started in 2004. FESP offered two more MA programs in Cultural Management as well as Cultural Planning in 2005, followed by two other MA programs in Industrial and Organizational Psychology as well as History and Philosophy of Education in 2008. In 2009, another PhD program in Curriculum Development started in the faculty.

 The building of FESP was officially inaugurated in 2002. The square footage of the building is 2000 square meters to include different sections and centers of the faculty.

FESP has 37 faculty members teaching to more than 2000 students, and more than 8000 students have been graduated from this faculty so far. FESP alumni have gained excellent achievements; many of them are now faculty members of accredited universities.

At the present time, there are seven working departments in the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology (FESP). The faculty offers 14 programs at BA, MA and PhD levels.

Department of Philosophy of Education Offers:

·        One PhD Program in Philosophy of Education

·        One PhD Program in Curriculum Development


Department of Educational Administration Offers:

·        One PhD Program in Educational Administration


Department of General Psychology Offers:

·        One MA Program in General Psychology


Department of Management Offers:

·        One MA Program in Public Management (with Four Majors)

·        One MA Program in Cultural Management

·        One MA Program in Cultural Planning (with Two Majors)


Department of Industrial and Organizational Psychology Offers:

·        One BA Program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

·        One MA Program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology


Department of Educational Sciences Offers:

·        One BA Program in Educational Administration

·        One BA Program in Educational Sciences (Pre-school & School major)

·        One MA Program in Educational Administration

·        One MA Program in Educational Planning

·        One MA Program in Curriculum Planning



Department of Philosophy Offers:

·        One MA Program in History and Philosophy of Education

·        One MA Program in Philosophy


The faculty offices and classrooms reside in the second and third floors of the Building of Educational Sciences and Psychology. At the present time, 37 faculty members and instructors teach at Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology. The faculty is equipped with language laboratories, computer sites, and libraries. More than 2000 students are studying different majors at different levels in this faculty:


BA Students: 890 Students in Total

·        Industrial and Organizational Psychology: 647 students

·        Educational Administration: 128 students

·        Educational Sciences (Pre-school & School major): 115 students


MA Students: 1135 Students in Total

·        Cultural Management: 123 students

·        Cultural Planning: 84 students

·        Public Management: 143 students

·        Public Management with Four Majors:

o   Organization and Procedures: 39 students

o   Transformation Management: 69 students

o   Human Resources: 78 students

o   Information Systems Management: 75 students

·        General Psychology: 137 students

·        History and Philosophy of Education: 66 students

·        Philosophy: 15 students

·        Industrial and Organizational Psychology: 90 students

·        Educational Administration: 78 students

·        Educational Planning: 68 students

·        Educational Management: 70 students


PhD Candidates: 59 Candidates in Total

·        Philosophy of Education: 25 candidates

·        Curriculum Development : 25 candidates

·        Educational Administration: 9 candidates

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