Methods of Admission for Non-Iranian Students

1. Admission by checking the applicant's academic record ( for non-resident students who have not completed their basic education in Iran.

2. Admission through national entrance exams and through no exam courses of Islamic Azad University (in and for non-Iranian undergraduate students who have completed their basic education in Iran.

Admission Requirements

1. Having non-Iranian citizenship and presenting valid non-Iranian identity documents.

2. No legal prohibition of presence in the Islamic Republic of Iran with the approval of the Ministry of Intelligence's Foreign Affairs Directorate General

3. Final registration and continuing education are subject to legal formalities to leave the country (except non-Iranian non-resident applicants in the country) and obtain a passport as well as a study visa.

4. The average requirement for non-Iranian applicants (checking applicant's file is as follows:

* No need for a GPA (grade point average) for associate and undergraduate degrees of Non-Medical Group.

* Having a valid diploma for non-medical bachelor's degrees that has been approved by the relevant authorities in the country concerned.

* Having a final grade point average of 12 or above for undergraduate medical sciences.

* Having a final grade point average of 14 or above and having condition to participate in a scientific interview for Medical Doctoral Professional fields.

* Having a valid undergraduate qualification for entry to the postgraduate course, which has been approved by the relevant authorities in the relevant country and approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Sufficient knowledge of Farsi or certification of Farsi language proficiency in SAMFA or reputable institutions is required.

How to Apply for Admission of Non-Iranian Applicants (By Checking the Applicant's Study File at

1. Register with the latest education and residency documents at

2. It is necessary to upload the PDF version of documents on the above website.

3. Delivering the original of the above documents along with two pieces of 4 * 3 photo at the time of final registration.

Valid documents for registration:

Residency documents including passports that hold at least 6 months of legal residence permit, or a valid identity card or last valid prepaid card.

Visa Procedures

1. Register with the Student Affairs system at and obtain a tracking code

2. Provide the tracking code obtained to the Consular Officer at the University Branch.

3. Necessity for Non-Iranian Students Holding a Valid Passport to Visit the Department of Consular Affairs of International University Vice President for Issuing Passports and Visas.

4. Necessity for non-Iranian students holding a residence card to go to the university to visit the Office of Citizenship and Foreign Immigration of the relevant governorate of the province where they are registered to review and comment on the authenticity of residence or identification documents, issuing a Certificate of Accounts and obtaining a passport For the purpose of legal procedures for obtaining a visa and residence permit.

5. Conditional registration of students who do not have a passport or residence card in the first semester of the academic year and a definitive registration after the legal procedure of leaving the country and issuing a passport and obtaining a visa and residence permit.

6. Completion of all passport, visa and residency procedures by the end of the second semester of admission.

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