Undergraduate study programs
Animal Science
Architectural Engineering
Banking Management
Biomedical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Cultural and artistic management
Educational Science
electrical engineering
English language translation
Environmental Science and Engineering
Financial Management
Food Industry Science and Engineering
French Language and Literature
governmental management
Green space engineering
Horticultural Science and Engineering
industrial engineering
Industrial Management
Insurance Management
Interior Architecture
Mathematics and applications
Mining Engineering
Operating room technology
Persian Language and Literature
Petroleum Engineering
Plant Production Engineering
Primary education
Production Engineering and Plant Genetics
Professional architectural engineering
Professional computer software engineering
pure chemistry
Restoration of historical monuments
Rights - Registration rights
Small Business Management
Soil Science and Engineering
Sports Science
Training Secretary of Physical Education and Sports Science
Urban Engineering
Urban Engineering
Water Science and Engineering
Postgraduate study programs
Agricultural Biotechnology
Agricultural Entomology
Agrotechnology - Physiology of Crops
Animal Science - Livestock Nutrition
Applied Mathematics - Numerical Analysis
Architectural Engineering
Biosystem mechanical engineering - design and construction
Biosystem mechanical engineering - post-harvest technology
Business - Financial Management
Business Management - Marketing
Chemistry - Inorganic Chemistry
Chemistry - Medicinal Chemistry
Civil Engineering - Earthquake
Civil Engineering - Engineering and Construction Management
Civil Engineering - Water Engineering and Hydraulic Structures
Clinical Psychology
Community Health Nursing
Computer Engineering - Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Computer Engineering - Software
Criminal Law and Criminology
Desert management and control
Earth Sciences - Environmental Geology
Earth Sciences - Geological Remote Sensing
Earth Sciences - Petrology
Earth Sciences - Sedimentology and Sedimentary Petrology
Earth Sciences - Stratigraphy and Paleontology
Economic Sciences - Economic Development and Planning
Economic Sciences - Islamic Banking
Economics - Economics and E-Commerce
Education Management
Educational Planning
Educational Sciences - Preschool Education
Electrical Engineering - Digital Electronic Systems
Electrical Engineering - Electronic Integrated Circuits
Electrical Engineering - Field and Wave Telecommunications
Electrical Engineering - Micro-nanoelectronic partitions
Electrical Engineering - Optical Telecommunications
Electrical Engineering - Power Electronics and Electric Machines
Electrical Engineering - Power Systems
Electrical Engineering - Telecommunication Networks
Electrical Engineering - Telecommunication System
English language translation
Environment - Environmental Education
Environmental Science and Engineering - Environmental Pollution
Exercise Physiology - Exercise Physiology and Nutrition
Fertility management and soil technology - chemistry, soil fertility and plant nutrition
Food Industry Science and Engineering - Food Biotechnology
Food Industry Science and Engineering - Food Chemistry
Food Industry Science and Engineering - Food Industry
Food Industry Science and Engineering - Food Technology
French Language and Literature
General Psychology
Genetics and plant breed
History and philosophy of education
Horticultural Science and Engineering - Fruit Trees
Horticultural Science and Engineering - Medicinal Plants
Horticultural Science and Engineering - Ornamental Plants
Horticultural Science and Engineering - Production of greenhouse products
Horticultural Science and Engineering - Vegetables
Industrial and organizational psychology
Information Technology Engineering - E-Commerce
Jurisprudence and Principles of Islamic Law
Linguistics - Pure
Linguistics - Social
Materials Engineering - Shaping Metals
Mathematics and Applications - Analysis
Mechanical Engineering - Applied Design
Medical Biotechnology
Motor Behavior - Motor Development
Pediatric Nursing
Philosophy of Art
Private law
Psychiatric Nursing
Public Administration - Budget and Public Finance
Public Administration - Public Policy
Public Management - Designing Government Organizations
Public Management - Human Resource Development
Public Management - Transformation Management
Soil Fertility Management Biotechnology - Soil Biology and Biotechnology
Soil Resource Management - Soil resources and land valuation
sport psychology
Sports Management - Managing sports organizations and clubs
Sports Management - Sports Marketing and Communication Management
Sports pathology and corrective exercises - corrective exercises
Sports Pathology and Corrective Exercises - Sports Pathology
Sports Physiology - Applied Sports Physiology
Sports Physiology - Sports Physiology and Health
teaching English
Technology Management - Research and Development Policies
Training and human resource development
Urban Design
Agricultural Entomology
Agrotechnology - Physiology of Crops
Animal Science - Livestock Nutrition
applied mathematics
Civil Engineering - Geotechnics
Civil Engineering - Structures
Communication Sciences
Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering
Criminal Law and Criminology
Cultural management and planning
Dental prostheses
Economic Sciences - Islamic Economics
Economics - Financial Economics
Economics - International Economics
Education Management
Educational Psychology
Electrical Engineering - Electronics
Electrical Power Engineering
Environmental Science and Engineering
French literature
General International Law
Genetics and plant breed
Higher Education - Higher Education Management
Horticultural Science and Engineering - Modification and Biotechnology of Horticultural Plants
Horticultural Science and Engineering - Physiology of production and post-harvest horticultural plants
Industrial Management - Operations Research
International Relations
Islamic philosophy and theology
Media management
Motor behavior
Oral and maxillofacial diseases
Oral and maxillofacial radiology
Oral and maxillofacial surgery
Pediatric Dentistry
Philosophy of Education
Political Science - Political Thoughts
Political Science - Public Policy
Private law
Public administration - public decision-making and policy-making
Public Management - Adaptive Management and Development
Public Management - Human Resource Management
Public Management - Organizational Behavior
public rights
Quran and Hadith Sciences
Religions and mysticism
Restorative Dentistry
Soil Fertility and Biotechnology Management - Soil Biology and Biotechnology
Soil Fertility Management and Biotechnology - Soil Fertility Chemistry and Plant Nutrition
Sport Managment
Sport physiology
teaching English
Theology - Islamic theology
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